"Jamie Burleigh is a phenomenal artist! Her attention to detail is meticulous! Jamie not only wants to ensure that you are pleased with your outcome, but she is also genuinely concerned that you are comfortable and have a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the process. I would highly recommend Jamie Burleigh to perfect your brows!"

                                                           -Rebekah DuBois - Missoula, MT

Testimonials of Microblading and Permanent Makeup Clients

Take a moment to review a few of our testimonials. We are committed to helping you achieve your best look while also providing friendly professional service. 


“I was super hesitant to get permanent makeup done but had wanted to fix my eyebrows badly! Over time they had gradual grown further apart and were very thin. I had seen a picture one of my friends had posted on social media and was Instantly convinced Anna was the one who could help! She was very professional and made you feel very comfortable about the process (which can be a terrifying experience) She was very particular and her attention to detail is perfect! She made sure you got exactly what you wanted. I was extremely satisfied with my Microblading experience and would highly recommend Anna”.

-Nicole Jorgenson - Richfield, Utah

“I love my brows! As a woman in my sixties,  my brows were getting thin! I penciled them in every morning, only to find by mid day they needed redone. Since having them permanently done by Anna it takes me less time putting on my makeup and they stay put all the time. My husband thinks I look younger as well. That's another bonus! Love, love, love them!”

-Jorja Shippen - Rigby, Idaho

"Everything from the consultation to the procedure was done professionally and Jamie has such a great way of making you feel comfortable and involved. I will definitely recommend Jamie and The Brow Club to friends!"

                                                                        -​Jan S. - Boise, ID

"If you've been thinking about getting your brows done and are searching for the best spot - look no further! not only is Amanda an amazing artist, but her microblading technique is applied with patience, talent, experience, precision, and with a beautiful smile. She is beyond professional and sweet! Amanda went above and beyond to make sure i was happy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the results! she spent so much time creating the brow shape that when she finally showed me all I could say was, "It's perfect." Saying goodbye to uneven brows/patches was the best thing I could have aesthetically done! Waking up with perfect natural looking eyebrows not only saves me time, but gives me peace of mind. They look just as good as a pool party, workout, or a hectic day in my restaurant - perfect for an active lifestyle! Amanda is professional, caring, and explained the procedure every step of the way. Her clean, beautiful studio is the icing on the cake. i highly recommend Amanda Saylor Stokes to anyone looking to have microblading done!"

Elissa Casteel 

"Yes... I did have doubts... and i was nervous about the word permanent tattoo- but here I am 4 months later sharing with you this was the best decision I ever made! When  making this decision I had definitely done my research and looked at pictures and testimonies! Without a question amanda is the talent behind it all. The Brow Club is an inviting atmosphere and the experience was beyond my expectations!

Amanda's upbeat personality and warm demeanor made it even that much better! I feel so pretty as the microblading  have me an instant eyelift. I wake up every day with fleek brows that contour my face and I can't thank you enough Amanda! So for those of you thinking about it... Just do it! You won't regret it! 

Megan Burroughs 

"Having recently moved to the Boise area I am so glad I found Jamie at The Brow Club. She has a professional and welcoming personality that immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. Her attention to detail and communication during the process ensured that I received the results I desired. It's a relief to know that the quality of her work is consistent and reliable - and that I no longer have to keep looking for the right fit at salons around town. This business is clean, comfortable and professional. I've referred several friends and coworkers to Jamie after the compliments I received from her amazing work and would highly recommend checking this place out for anyone interested to get those brows on point!"

                                                                                         -Hailey Rays-Boise, ID

“Half of my eyebrows don't grow back because I have over-plucked them.  For over 10 years I've had to draw my eyebrows on before I let anyone see me (eyebrows make a HUGE difference).  I was always at risk of "disappearing eyebrows...sweating at gym, beautician wiping them off when drying my hair, swimming...you get the idea.  I had never even considered getting my eyebrows "permanently" placed because I don't like the look of the old-school-tattooed-brows.  One day I saw a friend's FB posted picture of her microbladed eyebrows done by Anna Williams.  I immediately looked her up and contacted her.  She didn't live in Idaho at the time, but was in transition of moving here.  I booked the earliest appointment she had!  I can honestly say it is the best $300 I have ever spent!  I've had so many compliments and I definitely recommend Anna.  I also liked the fact that she had former brow-shaping experience. Painless, inexpensive and beautiful results!!  I tell everyone about Anna!” 

- Kristy Rowberry Martin- Boise, Idaho

“Never would have thought about having my brows done until I met Anna and saw her work.  Now I never would go without my new brows!  I love how they frame my face and I do not have to spend time trying to use makeup each day.  Completely changed my face for the better and find myself going without mascara because my brows look so good!  I love working with Anna and recommend her to everyone I meet.”

- Kirstin Brockner - Eagle, Idaho

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"I had Jamie microblade my eyebrows and I "LOVE" them. SHe did such an amazing job! I don't even bother with any eye makeup anymore because my brows actually open up and define my eyes. Jamie is extremely conscientious and a perfectionist making sure that every stroke is where it needs to be. I would highly recommend Jamie for anyone that wants to look beautiful every day without the help of cosmetics!"

                                                                                          -​Donna Bean- Middleton, ID


"I love them! Jamie did a great job with explaining everything and answering my questions and helping me to relax. She really takes her time to make sure that it is exactly what you want and that you're happy with them! I would recommend everyone looking to get their eyebrows done to see Jamie!"

                                                                                                            ​-Ashley-Boise, ID